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AT&T Employee Uncovers Lost Pictures More Than A Century Old

Discovering old pictures is a rare and extremely exciting event. Madison Alewel tells the amazing story of an AT&T employee who did just that. You can read all about it on NewsChannel10.

While doing a routine installation in Borger, Texas, an AT&T employee named Scott Martin found an old scrapbook in an apartment complex boileroom. The scrapbook was filled with hundreds of old photographs of a local family, with some pictures dating back to the 1890’s. Martin and his manager, Pam Ballew, found a living relative called James Harder in the area.

Harder says the scrapbook belonged to his grandmother, although he didn’t even know it existed. This is the first time he has seen photographs of his great-grandparents. Harder is very grateful to the Martin and Ballew for taking the time to find him and return the scrapbook. Now He’s planning to research his family tree, and make copies of the scrapbook for his whole family.

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  • Jean

    What a nice thing to do for that family. Blessings for the finder and the man that received a gift of a lifetime.

  • Laurie

    What a treasure trove for the family. It’s so nice the employees took the time to track the relative. There is nothing sadder than abandoned old family pictures.

  • Joseph Dorsey

    This is SO GREAT. I am doing family genealogy and would love to find even some names in my research. Your finding pictures makes it even more exciting.

    I am retired from A.T.&T. and very proud of great people like Scott who goes the extra mile.

  • Kathy Tarullo

    Yea! Thank you so much for reuniting this family treasure to its family!