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What Happens When A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer Is Asked For Free Photos…

Have you ever wondered where newspapers get all those amazing photographs from? The ones that adorn their pages and make us take a second look? In this article from Michael Zhang for PetaPixel we see what happens when a photographer is asked for the use of his images for free.

Pulitzer prize winner David Carson – who is the photojournalist with the St Louis Post-Dispatch – was the person who won the award for his coverage of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Contacted via a CBS twitter account to request the usage of his images in exchange for credits, you can follow that tweet here and see how he responded to the request.

This tweet regularly asks for images to use for free in return for credits from a major news corporation. Carson is understandably annoyed and the tweet is interesting to the very end of this conversation. The final question does however remain unanswered.


Source: PetaPixel

  • Jay Snyder

    You can have any of my pictures, and I won’t be a jerk about your asking nor when you offer me advice about how to be professional.

    • That is diference between amateur and professional photographer. You work for credit, we work to make livin of it…

    • pdm

      Well first bit of advice on being a professional is: Don’t give away your pics.