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Meet The ‘Detanglers’ – A Community Of People Who Love Untangling Yarn Disasters

If, like most people, you get annoyed when your headphone cords get all tangled, you definitely won’t understand this rather odd group of people. They’re an online group and call themselves “Knot a Problem”. These dedicated detanglers love untangling yarn disasters. They love it so much that they’re willing to buy other people’s tangled yarn just so that they can detangle it!

Melbourne resident, Daphne Basnet, actually bought a 25-pound box of tangled yarn for $50 on eBay just so that she could detangle it for fun! It took her five whole weeks to detangle the 120 balls, and she loved every minute of it.

Basnet found an online group of knot-lovers on a knitting and crocheting group called Ravelry. Many frustrated people go to Knot a Problem for help with their (often expensive) tangled yarn. The group willingly untangles messes for free, as long as the owner pays the shipping costs. They even compete for untangling projects, sometimes checking for new posts many times in one day.


Stephanie Rothschild from California created Knot a Problem in 2008, and the group now has more than 2,000 members across the world. When their 2,000th member joined, a few of the oldest members tangled yarn to send to each other as a celebration! 

Group members often post before and after pictures of their work, called “tangle porn”. Stephanie says she thinks people find it fulfilling to see the before and after pictures, like renovations to a house. She says it’s wonderful to see how horrible it was, and then the lovely end product.

“I think it’s fulfilling for people when they see what it was, sort of like house remodeling. You see how crappy it was and how beautiful it turned out to be.”

Photo: Imgur
Photo: Imgur

Do you remember the big snarl of yarn I created with impatient rinsing after a batch of hand dyeing? Thanks to huckypeep3 and the Knot a Problem group on I have 3 beautifully untangled and smooth skeins of yarn, for the cost of postage to and from. I was going to throw the snarled heap away! So glad I didn’t – and now I think I’ll use some to warp up my Cricket loom and celebrate! #yarn #detangle #knotaproblem


When someone spends years working on something, you know they’re passionate about it. And that’s probably the best word to describe the detanglers of Knot a Problem, ‘passionate’. That and probably ‘patient’.

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  • Denna

    I love detangling, too. Would love to find detangling group in or near Woodstock, Georgia!

  • Karen

    I like untangling wool too – started by untangling my fishing line when I was a kid, now am good at getting knots out of necklaces, wool, etc.

    • Jan

      All I have to say is: God bless you!! 😊

  • Sherry

    I untangle my own yarn messes, but wouldn’t buy it that way! It is a challenge, which is probably why they love it.

  • Karen Bennett

    I also love untangling things, I always have.I will sit for hours until it is a nice ball of wool.I even untangal Hubbies fishing lines,jewelery is also a favorite. It relaxes me.

  • carla langeveld

    My son’s dogs got into my knitting project, socks for my husband, before I had time to put it in a safe place. That was a lot of untangling with the project attached to it.